Frequently Asked Questions

 Moresh Moroccan Olive Oil stands out for its high quality, made from carefully chosen olives grown in Morocco. We first cold press the olives shortly after picking them – to keep the natural flavors and nutrients intact, resulting in a well-balanced oil perfect for all types of cooking. Our custom dark glass bottle protects and preserves the flavor of our EVOO.

We follow the guidelines of the industry set by the International Olive Council (IOC). Our olive oils have a production and expiration on the side of the label.  The production date is when the olives are picked, pressed and filtered.  The expiration date is 2 years from the date we bottled it.

Store your olive oil away from light, and please do not rebottle.  Mores dark glass bottles are designed to properly store your olive oil.

First cold press means the olive oil is produced by crushing the olives without adding any heat or using any chemicals.

 Moresh Olive Oil is loaded with polyphenols, natural antioxidants found in olives. The polyphenol
count typically exceeds 350mg/kg. To dive deeper into polyphenols, check out
our blog:

Yes, Moresh Olive Oil is allergen-free. Olive oil is naturally gluten-free. We process only olive oil in our facilities, ensuring a pure and uncontaminated product.

 Moresh proudly presents the Beldi picholine olives, a versatile variety used for both olive oil and table olives. These olives provide a medium oil yield at the mill,
resulting in excellent-quality oil with a high oleic acid content.

Crafting Moresh Olive Oil involves a detailed process, starting with picking ripe olives and first cold-pressing them within hours. This method preserves the oil's purity, distinct aroma, and flavor, making Moresh a premium choice for those who appreciate quality.

Our olives are grown in Marrakech and other regions of Morocco, including Meknes, Fes, and Rhamna.

Moresh Olive Oil has a smoke point of about 410°F (210°C),
making it perfect for various cooking methods while maintaining its integrity and nutritional benefits.

 Absolutely! Moresh Olive Oil is versatile for sautéing, roasting, or drizzling over dishes. Its balanced flavor enhances, not overpowers, the taste of other ingredients.

Moresh's olive harvest season runs from mid-October to the
end of December, capturing olives at their peak ripeness for optimal flavor and quality.

Yes, you can! The FDA recommends 2 tablespoons daily. Some prefer cooking or drizzling, but drinking it straight allows you to savor the unique flavors.
Like fine wines, extra virgin olive oils have distinct profiles worth savoring.

Check our Store Locator to see the list of retail stores carrying our extra virgin olive oil.

The Hamsa hand in our logo symbolizes good luck, protection, and well-being. It represents our antioxidant-rich extra virgin oil and our mission to create
premium food inspired by Morocco's delightful visuals and flavors.

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