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Certification & Testing

What these tests mean:

FA is an indicator of the quality the olives were at time of harvest. It does not change with time after the oil is processed with proper storage, and it gives a good sense of how the fruit quality was at harvest. The lower the number, the less fermentation occurs on olives—meaning it was good fruit to make extra virgin olive oil. Higher than standard FFA indicates poor quality oil made from poor fruit, and/or improper processing.

Phenols in olive oil act as antioxidants to slow down olive oil oxidation. Total phenols measures the sum of all phenolic compounds in olive oil. Phenols help protect the oil from oxidation which degrades the oil and causes rancidity.

Oleic acid is one of the fatty acids in olive oil with the highest percentages among all. The Fatty Acid Profile is analyzed for proving authenticity of the olive oil and can be used to detect adulteration. This is also a monounsaturated fat that is a good healthy fat to consume for the many health benefits it provides the human body.

Our Certifications

My Olive Oil

The Hamsa hand on Moresh bottles, a symbol revered for protection and good luck in Moroccan culture, reflects our olive oil's rich polyphenol content, which guards your health. This ancient sign, known locally as 'Khamsa', transcends cultural boundaries, signifying unity and well-being—mirroring the wholesome benefits of Moresh.

Moresh is crafted for balance and smoothness, designed to complement rather than overshadow your culinary creations. It's versatile for everyday use, ideal for dressings, sautéing, roasting, or baking, enriching dishes with its subtle, harmonious flavors. Browse our Recipes for daily inspiration.

With a smoke point of 410°F (210°C), Moresh maintains its integrity and health benefits across cooking methods, from quick sautéing to high heat roasting.

Moresh is a pure, allergen-free olive oil, naturally gluten-free and exclusively processed in our dedicated facilities, guaranteeing a contaminant-free product for any diet.

Moresh quality and taste were recognized with medals at BestOlive Oil Competitions. These medals include the silver award at the New YorkInternational Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) and Olio Nuovo Paris in 2023, thegold award at the international China competition (2022), and the Bronze awardat the Zurich Olive Oil Competition (2022).

The Process of My Oil

Moresh's Beldi (Moroccan Picholine) olives come from the serene orchards of Marrakech and are nurtured under the Moroccan sun. Our olive oil harvest season starts from October to December, a period when our groves in Marrakech and the select regions of Meknes and Fes yield their finest fruit.
With careful selection, farmers handpick the olives at the peak
of ripeness. These olives are swiftly transported to the mill within four hours of harvesting, a practice that guarantees the rich, pure essence of extra virgin olive oil.
Upon arrival at our fully certified mill, the olives are crushed through a cold press process on the same day they are received. This method ensures a low acidity level below 0.3%, capturing the essence of freshness in every bottle of Moresh.
Our master millers artfully shape the smooth and balanced flavor profile of Moresh. The oil is then preserved in climate-controlled stainless steel tanks, shielded from oxygen and light.

My MORESH Bottle

Moresh olive oil is shielded from light, an essential step to preserve its color, flavor, and aroma.
The Moresh bottle's conic design is not only practical but elegant. Its large, textured embossing ensures a secure grip, while the iconic Moresh hamsa hand adds a touch of beauty, making the bottle a stylish addition to any kitchen.
Pouring Moresh is seamless with our anti-drip spout, designed for precision to drizzle the exact amount you need, mess-free. The T-cap complements this functionality, simplifying the process for easy opening and closing, perfect for daily use.
Customizable Sizes for Your Olive Oil Needs. Moresh is available in 3 sizes, our olive oil bottles allow you to choose the perfect size for your needs. This ensures your olive oil stays fresh, and you never run out in your kitchen. Shop confidently, knowing you have the right amount for all your culinary creations.