Unveiling the Golden Elixir: What Is So Special About Moroccan Olive Oil

Unveiling the Golden Elixir: What Is So Special About Moroccan Olive Oil

Welcome to Moresh, your destination for premium Moroccan olive oil, olives, and condiments! In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the exceptional qualities that make Moroccan olive oil stand out, with a particular focus on its high polyphenol content and the meticulous crafting process behind Moresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


The Moroccan Difference - High Polyphenol Content

Moroccan Olive Oil is celebrated for its rich polyphenol content, setting it apart from the rest. These natural antioxidants play a crucial role in promoting health and well-being. The unique climate of Morocco, with its intense sunlight and mild winters, contributes to the cultivation of olives with exceptionally high polyphenol levels. At Moresh, we take pride in offering you a golden elixir that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also nourishes your body with the power of polyphenols. To read more about polyphenols, read our blog here


Polyphenol count in Moresh extra virgin olive oil


Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

Our commitment to quality is reflected in every drop of Moresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We handpick our Beldi olives, a local Picholine variety, ensuring that only the finest olives make it to our certified mill. With over three decades of experience in crafting olive oil in the Mediterranean, we've brought our expertise to Marrakech, where we built a state-of-the-art facility. Our olives are first cold-pressed within hours of harvest, yielding an olive oil with low acidity (less than 0.3%) and a perfectly balanced flavor. To preserve its quality, we bottle our olive oil in dark glass, protecting it from light and ensuring that you experience the true essence of Moroccan craftsmanship. 


Health Benefits of Moresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Moresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil isn't just a culinary delight; it's a nutritional powerhouse. Rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and polyphenols, it aligns seamlessly with the FDA's recommendation of incorporating 2 tablespoons of olive oil into your daily diet. Dive into the Mediterranean diet and discover the numerous health benefits associated with its consumption. For those seeking an extra health boost, consider trying the popular combination of olive oil with lemon juice, a refreshing elixir packed with maximum health benefits and makes the foundation to dressing that pairs well with almost all types of salads.

Heart Health

Celebrated as a cornerstone of the renowned "Mediterranean diet," extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) stands out as a champion in fostering heart health. A notable study, published in 2020 by the American College of Cardiology Foundation, underscores this significance. The research reveals that individuals who incorporated more than half a tablespoon of EVOO into their daily diet experienced notably lower rates of premature death from cardiovascular disease and other causes when compared to those who infrequently or never consumed olive oil. This compelling evidence reinforces the pivotal role of extra virgin olive oil in promoting cardiovascular well-being.

Anticancer Properties

Extra virgin olive oil is rich in fatty acids known for their health benefits and linked to reduced cancer risk[1]. While all olive oils boast a healthy fatty acid profile, it's specifically extra virgin olive oil that stands out for its abundance of antioxidants. These antioxidants, such as oleocanthal and hydroxytyrosol, are under examination for their potential in preventing and combatting cancer. By scavenging free radicals and neutralizing them, these antioxidants play a role in hindering the development of cancerous cells. Of particular interest are oleocanthal, a phenolic antioxidant derived during the olive oil extraction process, known for its ability to kill cancer cells [2], and hydroxytyrosol, another antioxidant compound demonstrating an antitumor effect in various cancers including colon, breast, pancreatic, leukemia, and melanoma according to research studies [3]

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Bone Health

Research indicates that the phenols in olive oil may help prevent the loss of bone mass. These phenols support bone-building cells by boosting the activity of specific enzymes, leading to the deposition of calcium into the bone matrix. In simple terms, eating olive oil can be a straightforward way to support bone health.


Diabetes Prevention

The incorporation of a Mediterranean diet, featuring an abundance of olive oil, seems to have a more pronounced impact on lowering blood sugar and cholesterol compared to other types of fats. The latest editions of Diabetes for Dummies and Diabetes Meal Planning & Nutrition highlight the potential of olive oil in preventing and treating diabetes. Boosting insulin sensitivity is a key mechanism attributed to olive oil, given its richness in monounsaturated fats. These fats play a role in reducing inflammation linked to insulin resistance, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of insulin in the body. This improvement allows cells to more effectively utilize glucose from the bloodstream, a crucial factor in managing blood sugar levels.

Brain Health

Recent studies highlight the potential benefits of consuming olive oil for brain health, particularly in reducing the risk of Alzheimer's Disease. Extra virgin olive oil, rich in nutrients, may aid in breaking down amyloid-beta plaques that contribute to Alzheimer's. Additionally, the oil has been linked to reducing brain inflammation, thereby lowering the risk of fatal dementia. A groundbreaking study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health involving over 90,000 participants over three decades revealed that daily consumption of more than half a tablespoon of olive oil correlated with a 28% lower risk of dementia-related death. Even replacing a teaspoon of margarine or mayonnaise with olive oil daily showed an 8-14% lower risk. While the study is observational and does not establish causation, the findings suggest a unique protective aspect of olive oil against dementia, possibly related to its antioxidants crossing the blood-brain barrier. This research provides hope that simple dietary changes, like incorporating olive oil, may play a crucial role in preventing or slowing the progression of devastating conditions like dementia, offering a promising avenue for further exploration.

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Versatility in Every Drop

Moresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is crafted to yield a balanced flavor that enhances without overpowering other recipe ingredients. Its versatility knows no bounds – whether you're drizzling it over salads, dipping with crusty bread, or using it to cook a variety of dishes, the possibilities are endless. Elevate your culinary creations with the golden touch of Moresh, and experience the true meaning of exceptional Moroccan olive oil. At Moresh, we invite you to indulge in the timeless tradition of flavor, health, and craftsmanship.

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